I had to write a sonnet for english class and

I wrote it on my life


Two strangers who lived in two separate worlds
Kept their love strong by typing in words

A girl and a boy whose hearts were broken
whose past will forever remain unspoken

They became close friends as the days passed by
That they wouldn’t even say the forbidden word, good-bye

Their friendship grew so fast
That they even forgot about their bitter past

On one sunny day
As the leaves fell and the trees happily sway

The girl told the boy six words that will change their friendship forever
She clenched her fists and said “I love you, let’s be together!”

The boy shook his head, stared at the ground and gave a little smirk
While she stood there and yelled out “You stupid Jerk!”

He looked into her eyes and said “Stupid, I love you too”
She stared at him back and said, “You scared me, you stupid poo”

Both of them hugged each other and were as happy as ever
But they never expected what’s coming after

Months passed by
and the girl gave a little sigh

She told the boy that she had to move far far away
He stood there motionless because he didn’t know what to say

The girl took the boy’s hand and said “We can break up if you want, it’s okay”
The boy shook his head and said “No I won’t because I want to marry you someday”

He stepped over to the side and took off a little flower
He then bent down, got on one knee and she watched as her face turned sour

"What are you doing?" she asked
He looked at the ground and said “This is my task!”

The girl looked at him confused
while he handed her the flower, “Please don’t refuse!”

She took it off his hands and stared at it
Her eyes were empty, no shine, no, not one bit

He moved closer and grabbed her hands
"I’m not going to give up on us, even if we live on different lands"

She smiled
and so did he
Even if they live 10,000 miles apart they are still as happy as can be.

It’s been two years and five months since they last saw each other
but to them, that doesn’t matter

As long as they remain faithful and never lose hope
they will see each other again soon and the world will realize that their love is no joke

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